44 ideas to create good Google Ad Grants ads (with 72 real examples)

General ideas

What to mention first

There are different options:

Put first what the user has searched (title and description)

Search: "why are bees dying"

Search: “zakat calculator”

Put the name of the organization first

Generally recommended only for well-known organizations or brand searches

Search: "donation"

Tell a story (not exactly what the user has searched)

Search: “donation africa”


Show urgency

Show figures

Benefits for users vs. Benefits for society

Include benefits for the user

Highlight benefits for the user and for society


Capitalize all words (“Capitalized Case”)

Short ads

Short phrases

Visible URL with relevant keywords

Ad extensions

Ad extensions are a very useful addition to the main text of your ad. There are different types of extensions and many possibilities to use each one, so there are dozens of variants that you can try.

If you use “Smart Bidding” and you have the conversion tracking well configured, you can activate many different extensions at the same time and Google will test them all to see which ones give more conversions (and it will start showing the extensions with better results more often).

We recommend you to have a clear idea of ​​what you want to achieve with the extensions, not just add a bunch of extensions almost “at random” and expect the automatic system to do "magic".

Sitelinks to show key pages with different topics

In Charity: water they take advantage of the sitelinks to show their financial data, a book that their director has written, the “The Spring” program (recurring donors) and a page with more details of their work.

Sitelinks to show various options to help

Sitelinks to show different programs or initiatives of the organization

Sitelinks adapted to the search (all with the same topic/keyword)

Extensions of several types simultaneously

In the 2 examples below they use 3 different types of extensions:

  • Call extension
  • Sitelink extension
  • Price extension

Structured snippets extension showing locations

Structured snippets showing searched keywords

Search: effects global warming

Ideas for ads on action-related searches (attract donations, volunteers, sales...)

General ideas

Highlight social impact

Include trust info

Highlight unique advantages of the organization

Highlight advantages of the product or tool


Include a personal touch (“you can”)

Mention a donation amount

They give a figure to highlight that large donations are not necessary ("Give Just $10 A Month")

Calls to action

Show contact phone (as a call extension and/or in the ad text)

Show donation as a product (price extension)

Give various options to help (as sitelink extensions and/or in the ad text)

Ideas for ads on information-related searches

General ideas

Talk about the organization in information searches

Search: “measles outbreak”

Search: “facts ethiopia”

Search: “cool facts cheetahs”

Give answers to the search in the ad itself

Format the title as a question


Use words like "free"

Use intrigue

Use shocking figures

Highlight photos and videos

Show trust info

Use an original or controversial approach

Calls to action

Highlight the newsletter

Highlight social media

Highlight quizs/tests

Highlight downloads