Template to publish annual report in video

Present your NGO report in a more attractive way. Create the video for free and easily with Powerpoint.


Publish your custom video for free

  • Easy to customize: This template is created with Microsoft Powerpoint, very easy for everyone to use. Powerpoint gives an option to publish the slideshow as a video. 100% free, in high resolution and without restrictions.
  • Perfect for different use cases: It adapts to what you want to communicate. There are slides with different formats and approaches. You can easily choose and customize the ones that best suit your specific needs.


Get more impact with a video

  • More attractive format: Let's face it, we all know that hardly anyone reads those annual reports with dozens of pages of text. With a short video you will be able to highlight the most important things that happened during the year, without boring your audience.
  • Reach more people: Many nonprofits publish their annual reports in PDF, which is the worst format to publish online (it doesn't adapt properly to mobile phones, it's not good for sharing on social media...). A video is perfect for sharing on many different platforms: YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.


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