Google Ad Grants requirements

It’s important to know Google Ad Grants’ requirements perfectly, since they can temporarily deactivate your account in case of any violation and even permanently cancel it in case of repeated or serious violations.

You should carefully read the Ad Grants Policy Compliance Guide, but here are the key requirements and some best-practice recommendations:

Minimum requirementRecommendation
Avoid 1-term keywordsFind synonyms and variants + set broad match
Avoid generic keywordsAvoid generic keywords unless they bring many conversions
Quality Score of 3 or moreSet up an automated rule to pause keywords with low QS
Average CTR greater than 5%Improve ads + Negative keywords + Brand Campaign
Well configured conversionsSpend a lot of time on this (very important for success)
2 ads per groupAlways 3-4 active ads and continuously testing new ones
2 groups per campaignMany small ad groups (10 keywords maximum per group)
2 ad extensionsTry many different extensions of different types

Another useful resource is the Ad Grants Account Review Dashboard. It will allow you to assess at a glance if your account is complying with the fundamental policies and detect some opportunities for improvement.

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