Custom reports, dashboards and segments for nonprofits

Copy them with 1 click. They will help you analyze and improve the results of your organization.


5 reports for Google Analytics

Custom reports with the most important metrics, to access all the key data more efficiently:

  • Traffic sources report
  • Browsers and devices report
  • Country report
  • Report of web sections
  • Landing Pages Report


4 segments for Google Analytics

Custom segments to understand certain user groups of special interest for a nonprofit, such as users who make multiple donations, large donations or frequent visits:

  • Recurring donors segment
  • Large donors segment
  • Valuable users segment
  • Loyal visitors segment


2 dashboards for Google Data Studio

Review at a quick glance the evolution of the key metrics (KPIs) related to online donations and the results of Google Ads campaigns (very interesting for organizations that use Google Ad Grants).

  • KPIs dashboard (Google Analytics)
  • Google Grants Dashboard (Google Ads)


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