Ideas to increase online donations quickly and easily

39 ideas (with 75 real examples) to get more donations with quick and easy changes


39 ideas to increase donations

  • Simple and effective ideas: We have focused mainly on tactics to increase donations that do not require a lot of time or resources. You can achieve great results with simple changes to your website that can be done in a few minutes.
  • Innovative ideas: Some are tactics that most nonprofits are not using, but that have a lot of potential. Trying out these tactics can be one of the most profitable things you've ever done.


With real instructions and examples

  • Instructions to implement the ideas: It's not just a list of ideas, we briefly explain how to execute them. Avoid mistakes and save time.
  • 75 real examples: In many cases, we include screenshots and links to real examples from nonprofits that have applied each idea very well. It couldn't be easier, you simply have to "copy" their best concepts.


Easy to review and apply

  • Useful data of each idea: We indicate their potential to increase donations, the work required to implement them and their technical difficulty. With this info, you can easily choose the ideas that best suit your organization's resources and priorities.
  • Different ways of checking the ideas: You can choose between 6 different views of the database, so that you can see the ideas with the presentation and order that you prefer.
  • Dashboard to manage the implementation: One of the views will allow you to keep a record of the ideas that have been completed, pending and discarded. Everything under control in one dashboard.


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