Ideas and examples of campaigns for Google Ad Grants

+30 types of campaigns to achieve your goals: More donations, volunteers, sales, social impact...


Frequent problems and errors:

Very limited campaigns
Most nonprofits only use the obvious campaigns, which tend to have low search volume and/or a lot of competition.

Insufficient keywords
If you only dedicate a few minutes to think possible keywords, your are probably wasting +90% of the opportunities.

Bad ads
Your ad competes with dozens of results on Google. If your ads don't stand out, you will get few clicks and visits.

Bad landing pages
If you send users to pages that are too generic or poorly designed, you will never achieve great results.

Solutions we give you:

+30 types of campaigns
Discover many options beyond the obvious campaigns. Find opportunities that few nonprofits have thinked about.

400+ keyword ideas 
We have spent dozens of hours researching ideas and keywords. Discover many interesting concepts for your goals.

80+ ad ideas
We give you ideas, phrases and real examples so it's very easy for you to write attractive ads.

100+ landing page examples
We have selected great examples for each type of campaign. Take the best of them and improve results easily.

+30 different types of campaigns

Most nonprofit organizations only use 2 or 3 types of campaigns, but there are many more options to take advantage of Google Ad Grants. In fact, the best results often come from the less "obvious" campaigns, where there is less competition.

We indicate the revenue and visits potential of each type of campaign, so you can identify which ones are best for your priorities.

+400 keyword examples

For each type of campaign, we indicate different concepts that may be interesting. And a list of keyword examples within each concept.

With those examples and some tips that we include, it will be easy for you to discover hundreds of perfect keywords for your organization. You will be able to go far beyond the "obvious" keywords that most nonprofits use.

+100 landing page examples

For each type of campaign, we indicate good examples of pages, selected after reviewing dozens of websites of the best nonprofit organizations in the world.

We indicate which are the most interesting elements of each page, so that you can apply them to your own landing pages and improve your results easily.


"The functionality and in-depth design is fantastic, I especially found the targeted goals for more donations, volunteers, visibility, social impact, contacts, helpful forr non-profits such as the National Council that have a wide range of interests for campaign goals."

Rachel Huggins
Communications Manager - National Council for Behavioral Health

"Congratulations for the great compilation work! It's a very complete tool in terms of the resources it offers, which can help to improve competencies within NGOs because of its practical, educational and easy to use nature."

Almudena García
Digital Fundraising - WWF Spain

"The guide is great! It's very complete and detailed. It also gave me  strategies to achieve goals that I didn't know."

Juan Querol
Expert in Web Design for nonprofits

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