Free guides & resources for Google Ad Grants

Free Google Grants audit

Discover mistakes and opportunities in your campaigns

Free course for Google Grants

Learn how to manage Google Ad Grants

How to apply for Google Grants

Steps to get a Google Ad Grants account

How to reactivate Google Grants

Steps to recover a Google Ad Grants account

Google Grants campaign examples

+30 ideas with real examples: keywords, landing pages, etc.

Quick-wins for Google Grants

17 tips and ideas for the best results

Ad ideas for Google Grants

44 ideas to create good ads (with 72 examples)

Landing pages for Google Grants 

54 landing page ideas (with 81 examples)

Keyword ideas for Google Grants

Keywords for nonprofits & charities (with hundreds of examples)

Common problems on Google Grants

Tips to solve the most frequent problems and errors

Tools for Google Grants

Software to improve results

Google Grants changes

All the recent changes & new features

Other free guides & resources for nonprofits

Online communities for nonprofits

Helpful groups and forums for nonprofit professionals

Free tools for nonprofits

+40 services, +$200,000 value

Ideas to increase donations

39 ideas (with 75 real examples) to increase donations online

Tips for donation pages

Ideas and tricks for to get more donors for your nonprofit

Examples of nonprofit donation pages

Ideas to improve your website and increase donations

Examples of nonprofit's Annual Reports

Ideas and tips to apply in your organization's report

A/B tests to increase donations

Run tests to easily get more donations

Google Analytics reports for nonprofits

Custom reports, dashboards, and segments

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